Quik-Shim™ brand shims are specially designed, pre-cut shims that can be used for the alignment of many types of equipment. There are multiple advantages to the use of Quik-Shim™ brand shims; the most noticeable of which is reduced labor costs.

Labor is reduced since the shims do not need to be cut by hand. Instead, simply choose the correct shim or shim combination. Knowledge of the bolt or stud size is all that is needed. Quik-Shim™ brand shims utilize a “Hole in the Tab” design that allows for easy and safe shim removal by using the extraction tool included in each kit.

Quik-Shim™ brand shims are manufactured from corrosion resistant, 304 stainless steel, making them reusable over a long period of time. Each shim is permanently etched with its thickness for easy identification. Durable metal storage cases help you keep your shims organized.

Quik-Shim™ brand shims come in four sizes and thirteen thicknesses.

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