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Mechanical Seal Repair

Conhagen mechanical seal repair began in support of the pump repair operation, and grew into an independent department capable of repairing seals and furnishing seal parts to end users and other repair facilities alike. The Mechanical Seal Department is capable of refurbishing and repairing seals of virtually any type, from any manufacturer.

Examples include: Borg Warner, Chesterton, John Crane, Durametallic, EG&G Sealol, and Flexibox. Conhagen can offer its mechanical seal services at a substantially lower cost relative to purchasing new or remanufactured seals from the OEM. Repairs can be made to both glands and sleeves, with ceramic coating also available. Fast deliveries, 24 hour/day service (as required), and modification recommendations made by "in-house" experts make Conhagen and excellent choice for your mechanical seal needs.


Centrifugal Pump Rerates

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